Category: "internet"

Comparing instance prices on the Amazon cloud

April 13th, 2017
As the largest cloud computing company¬†Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers various options to use compute-power¬†on a "as-needed" basis. You can choose what size and type of machine, what number of machines - and you can choose a price model where you are… more »

Linux Firewall

July 4th, 2013
To block a specific IP address from access to you (Ubuntu) system: sudo iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP TO remove this entry: sudo iptables -D INPUT -s -j DROP To just list current firewall rules: sudo iptables --list more »

Display todays' Date with JavaScript

August 10th, 2012
To display the current date, day of the week and time on a web page, you don't want to refresh the entire page every sencond or minute. Instead you will want to use JavaScript to dynamically update just this date/clock display element. Here is the code… more »

Sanger Web-Proxy

November 20th, 2008
If you work at the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute and would like to browse web pages at home the same way you do at work, here is how to set it up: You need an ssh login, open a terminal window and connect like this ssh… more »

.htaccess files

March 1st, 2008
Directing/securing your webserver with .htaccess files Deny certain users: Order allow, deny Deny from Deny from 212.155. Deny from Allow from all Allow/Deny Directory listings: Options +Indexes or Options -Indexes… more »