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Ruby & MySQL

January 12th, 2009
Using MySQL from Ruby Ruby can connect to a MySQL database using the Ruby/MySQL module. There is a complete introduction into the subject can be found here: The core functions of the modules are explained… more »

Rails Optimization

January 8th, 2009
Find bottlenecks with NewRelic RPM Register at for the free light version of the RPM benchmarking tool. An email will be sent with a configuration file which goes into rails-application/config/. Go into rail… more »

Ruby & Rails Terminology

November 4th, 2008
Basic Terminology from Rails A framework for developing web applications. Ruby on Rails Synonym for Rails. Ruby The computer language used to write Rails, and also the language you use to turn the Rails framework into an application.… more »

Ruby on Rails (intro level)

April 23rd, 2008
General and Mac OSX Leopard specific notes about the Ruby language and the Rails framework Ruby is a object-oriented interpreted language written on C. It is dynamic, reflective and supports multiple programming paradigms. [Wiki] Ruby is said to fol… more »

R programming (intro level)

March 27th, 2008
Some notes on basic programming using the statistical language/environment R Getting data from a mySQL database library(RMySQL) mycon <- dbConnect(MySQL(), user='cws', dbname="cws", host="pi", password='delores') rs <- dbSendQuery(mycon, "SE… more »